We are pleased to announce a new supplier deal with Jet Tec International. UK based Jet Tec is Europe's largest manufacturer of compatible inkjet cartridges, employing over 250 people. The company was founded by John Studholme in 1983, and has grown to a turnover in excess of 20 million. This means that we will now be holding stock of quality inkjet cartridges compatible with most major brands at a fraction of the manufacturers cost. As well as compatible ink cartridges we will also be stocking cartridge refill kits giving our customers the option to refill cartridges already owned - a great way of recycling old and tired cartridges.

Based in Cardiff - South Wales, HalfCircle are situated in the heart of the Welsh capital. HalfCircle are not just a normal computer company. HalfCircle prides itself on offering a full 'Digital Solutions Service'. This means that HalfCircle can provide solutions to all of your I.T and Internet related needs, from building you a custom made P.C - to hosting a website and connecting you to the Internet. For the home user, HalfCircle offers both dialup AND broadband Internet access. We can also build and configure a computer tailored exactly to your needs - why spend hundreds of pounds on features that you don't need!

For the business user, HalfCircle has a range of marketing solutions from Interactive Promotional CD Roms - to media rich Websites and Portals. Not only can HalfCircle offer a full range of Internet related products, we can also offer advice on what systems or products would be best for your particular needs. Having little overheads and reliable suppliers, HalfCircle can offer cut-price products and a high level of customer service to all of our present and potential customers.